Newlands Sport


Newlands Park is not only the new permanent home of Cheltenham Rugby Club , it is also home to many other local sports clubs in the area. Many of these clubs have used the facilities for several years and we are delighted to maintain that partnership and seek to attract new rugby and football teams and to encourage schools in Cheltenham and throughout the Cotswolds to participate in sports at grass roots level.

cheltenham-tigers-rfcCheltenham Rugby Club

Newlands is the new home of Cheltenham RFC. From the Senior sides (Mens x 2 and Womens x 2) all the way through to the Mini and Juniors.

barometrics-fcBarometrics Football Club

Barometrics have held Newlands as their home ground for a Number of years and field up to 3 teams each week. Their first team currently play in Division 2 of the Cheltenham Football League.

afc-olympiaAC Olympia

AC Olympia are relative newcomers to Newlands Park. Their first team currently play in Division 1 of the Cheltenham Football League.


The Newlands Multi Use Play Area (MUGA) – a World Cup Project”

This is an ambitious project for the Club and will require Capital Funding of around £50,000.

The MUGA will allow the Club to introduce four new sports to Newlands Park, namely, Five-a-side soccer, basketball, hockey and netball, and provide a training and exercise area. The facility will be open to the whole Community, for seven days a week, from 9am – 9pm.

The catalyst for this project was support from Gloucestershire County Council ‘Active Together’ scheme, with a string recommendation from our local

Cllr Roger Wilson, County Councillor for Southam, Woodmancote and Winchcombe. 

Cllr Wilson said in a recent press release to the Echo’ the club established a need to extend sports activities at their Newlands Park venue by speaking with local schools and sports development officers and the Council was delighted to assist them with this exciting project’.


The Club received the maximum of grant of £5000, which ‘kicked-off’ our fund raising campaign.

A grant application of £30,000 has been submitted to Sport England (Inspired Facilities Fund), together with a request for a Capital Grant of £14,000 from Tewkesbury Council. We will be informed by April 2015, if we are successful.